"The solution Intucio built will allow us to identify and follow up on more sales opportunities and to increase our profitability"

ROB COWAN | VP PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT Industrial Safety Solutions

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About the Customer

Industrial Safety Solutions (ISS) is a provider of field safety and paramedic personnel to the oil and gas industry. ISS provides personnel to support every area of upstream operations in the Gulf of Mexico and continental United States, as well as international operations. ISS was founded as a behavioral safety consulting company in 1993. Headquartered in Lafayette, LA, ISS also has offices in Houston and Kenedy, TX.

The Challenge

ISS’s sales process was individually driven by different sales representatives of the company, and the sales cycle was not formally standardized. ISS recognized a need to standardize their sales process and create a more uniform way to track their sales pipeline.

The Solution

Intucio assisted ISS in successfully migrating and enhancing their existing sales process to use Microsoft CRM Online. Intucio used the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology to perform detailed requirements gathering, system design, and implementation. Through the Sure Step process, all necessary modifications to the default CRM Online tenant were identified. Once identified, the CRM custom solution file was designed that contained the required modifications. This solution was then deployed into ISS’s tenant environment. Once deployed, Intucio and ISS underwent a joint User Acceptance Testing phase to ensure the solution met expectations.

The Results

As a result of this project, ISS is now using a fully functioning CRM solution with custom-built workflows, including a system to generate quotes for customers and invoicing. The solution has created a uniform system of generating and following up on sales leads, which will ultimately lead to more sales opportunities and an increase in profitability for the company.


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online